(Last Updated: December 2014)

 Studying abroad is great experience for any major, and luckily there are some history-specific/related programs through the NIU Study Abroad Office. For the most up-to-date details for these programs, contact the NIU Study Abroad Office or visit their walk-in office location:

Williston Hall 417

(815) 753-0700



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Crossroads of Japan

(History / Asian Studies)

Chinese History, Culture, and Daily Life


African Society, Culture, and Development in Northern Ghana

(History / African Studies)

African Democracy and Socio-Economic Development in Sierra Leone

(Sociology / Political Science)

Experiential Learning with NGOs, Tanzania 

(Public Administration / Political Science)

Study Abroad in Laos

(Language / History & Culture)

Deutschland Heute - Facets of Contemporary German

(Language / Interdisciplinary)

Spanish Language and Culture in Toledo, Spain 


NIU at Oxford

(Biology, English, Political Science) 

Discovering Montreal, Canada 

(Inter-liberal Arts and Sciences / French-Canadian Studies / Honors)

Peace, Justice, and the International Courts, The Netherlands

(Political Science / Honors)

Malaysia-Brunei Program


History of the Netherlands and European Colonialism  


History and Literature in Bordeaux, France 

(History / Language)

NIU at Trinity College, Dublin

(History / English)

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