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If you have a Historical paper that you are particularly proud of, and would like to have it published, e-mail it to NHRSubmissions@gmail.com. The Northerner Historical Review: Undergraduate Journal is scheduled to come out at the beginning of the Spring semester. Your submitted paper does not have to be from this semester, but from any time during your undergraduate career. However, all papers have to meet guidelines to be considered for the Northerner Historical Review: Undergraduate Journal. To see past submissions visit nhr.lib.niu.edu.

Guidelines for papers:

·        Chicago style citation

·        Double spaced

·        12 font/Times Roman

·        Title page with name on title page only

·        1000 word min. but the max. is open

·        Footnotes

·        Bibliography (not in word count)

·        Page numbers

·       Place all Pictures, maps, and graphs in appendices. (Our software doesn't support these items within the     


Submit them to NHRSubmissions2013@gmail.com

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Please contact any of us if you have questions:

The Editorial Board

Chelsea Shullanberger (Head Editor)- Z1612560@students.niu.edu

Jessie Shattuck – jessieshattuck@gmail.com 

Jennifer Wegmann-Gabb – terralily@yahoo.com