"I'm Not Leaving" Film Showing

The History Club was granted special and legal access from Carl Wilkens  to his film "I'm Not Leaving," before the film was formally released. The film is based off of his book, which is about his experience in Rwanda during the Rwanda Genocide. Spring 2014

Tanzania Water Walk

The History club helps coordinate and participates in the Tanzania Water Walk every semester since spring 2013

Spring 2013, Video (above) created by Jessie Shattuck 

2014/2015 Academic Year 

History professors Dr. Jones, Dr. Atkins, and Dr. Schmidt performed a variety of songs for students at the 2014 History Rocks Halloween! event.

2013/2014 Academic Year 

2012/2013 Academic Year 

2011/2012 Academic Year 

Reminisce with NIU History Club 

@ the Barb City Manor

       "The NIU History Club has been developing many programs that will diversify our assets as both a scholarly and social conscious club. During the spring semester of 2012, we, as an origination have been working on establishing a public history project called ‚ÄúReminisce with NIU History Club". We intend to interview the elderly residents at Barb City Manor to preserve their historically valuable experience on transcripts. We have had successes to the present developing this program. April 20th we sent a team to interview the residents of Barb CityManor." -Rob Alanzo